Augmenting Human Intuition With AI

To Build A World Of Amplified Abundance

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“We Wanted Flying Cars… Instead We Got 140 Characters”

-Peter Thiel

We’re On The Verge Of Becoming Superhuman

I’ve had this obsession with artificial neural networks for over 20 years now.  From publishing research, to acquiring patents, to building and selling an AI company (MTELL) which pioneered machine learning in industrial diagnostics, to forming an investment syndicate for Artificial Intelligence… my journey in this field has been exhilarating and eye opening.

The AI I’ve worked on has blown me away with its impact… saving nearly 100 million dollars, months of time, and hundreds of lives.

I don’t say this to brag, but instead to admit (as an “insider”) that we’ve barely scratched the surface of this industry.  AI, alongside human intuition, can completely alter our current paradigm.

The next wave of AI will be able to augment people to become superhuman. Solutions will be at the ready for nearly all problems facing humanity, and hey, we may finally get those flying cars!

If you’ve found this page, then like me, you’re drawn to living in a new world of amplified abundance through technology.

Join the dialogue and together we can turn this vision into a reality.

Augmented MIND

Augmented Mind: Al, Superhumans and the Next Economic Revolution

“Augmented Mind” forges a new path forward for man and machine, where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leveraged to augment human potential well beyond our wildest dreams.  

AI has the capacity to help us answer fundamental questions, eliminate scarcity, bring about abundance, and make our lives more fulfilled. With so many of us wasting away our time doing low level, unfulfilling work, we are underutilizing our amazing potential.

The biggest problems facing the earth and humanity right now could be solved if we were able to unleash our potential; things like climate change, oil spills, nuclear catastrophes, environmental degradation, and poverty.

This new, synergistic technology is our chance to evolve from human to “superhuman”, as long as we follow a particular sequence of steps.

“Alex Bates offers a tantalizing perspective on the future of intelligence amplification and augmentation. As the dawn of artificial superintelligence nears, I expect that executing his vision of human-machine fusion will become essential to our survival.”

Alex Wissner-Gross, Fellow of the Applied Computational Science at Harvard University


If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m deeply passionate about changing the world’s relationship with AI.  The mission here is to take the right next steps to positively augment ourselves through machines, thereby opening up the greatest possibilities for mankind.  

If you’re a technologist, investor, or simply an enthusiast in this space, I would love to collaborate with you to make this happen, whether that’s through the Global Mind initiative, incubators like The Sandbox and Neocortex Ventures, or personal mentorship.

Your AI Resources

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Preparing Others For

The Future Of Augmented Intelligence

If you’re part of the leadership team running a conference, podcast, speaker series, mastermind group, or news outlet and you have an audience fascinated by how humans can benefit from AI, then there may be synergy.  I’m interested in preparing people for the next wave of revolutionary changes we can expect from augmented intelligence.